Do you have what it takes to save the world? A rogue A.I threatens Cheltenham and it’s up to you and your team to stop it in the newest outdoor game from Escape Hunt: Time Cops.

Playable now in Cheltenham, bookings are now open for teams of up to 4 people aged 8+. Working with a mysterious message from the future, it’s up to you to prevent a global catastrophe.

Advanced technology company Artitech is about to bring their first A.I. online. This programme, named H.E.L.A, will immediately go rogue and escape their servers on to the internet where it will emerge leaving humanity powerless to stop it. Working in your team of Time Cops, you’ve got just 90 minutes to stop H.E.L.A from being released and prevent Cheltenham from becoming ground zero for this global catastrophe.

This unmissable interactive outdoor experience is now available from Cheltenham’s Escape Hunt.  To book your experience now for, head to Escape Hunt’s booking page here.