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F45 specializes in high-intensity team training sessions that keep members engaged, motivated, inspired and sweating on a daily basis.  F45 isn’t just a gym, it’s a community.  Their mission is to change lives and to make fitness accessible to all.

Their innovative approach to exercise puts F45 members through an array of circuit-based workouts in a high-tech team environment, to provide a totally immersive experience that is fun, fast and guaranteed to get results.  Each class is a unique experience run by a highly qualified F45 instructor and supported by cutting-edge F45 technology, plus a live DJ every Saturday to ensure members leave exhausted and exhilarated, but wanting to do it all over again!

Members go through an array of circuit-based workouts led by highly qualified personal trainers, who are on hand to demonstrate each and every exercise, keep motivation sky high, correct form, and offer alternatives for members who want or need them.

As an internationally-acclaimed “fitness disruptor”, F45 throws a modern twist on a traditional gym environment – with technology playing a major part in differentiating them from other gyms.  Bookings and check-ins are made via their dedicated F45 app, television screens are located all around the studio to guide  members through the sessions, and workout statistics are collated and sent via email at the end of each class.  It is a fun, energy-filled environment, and is designed to replicate the type of individualised attention you would receive with a personal trainer, at a fraction of the cost.

The atmosphere is infectious and no matter a user’s level of fitness, they can tailor a specific plan to suit.  Furthermore, at just 45 minutes in length, they only require 3% of your busy day to keep you fit and healthy.

F45 has adapted their workouts to ensure they keep members safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  F45 Circuit has been created as a non-shared equipment solution for workouts, which meets and exceeds existing government guidelines.  This programming enables you to use the majority of their equipment, but members are assigned to a 2m x 2m fixed station for the entire workout to help maintain safe physical distancing guidelines and eliminate person-to-person contact and sharing of equipment.

Innovation: functional training classes continuously evolve, so no two workouts are ever the same!
Motivation: The motivation and encouragement in a group training facility creates a pulsing, upbeat environment where goals are met and exceeded.
Results: When it comes to weight management, good nutrition is vital.  F45 gives all members access to their own free personal nutrition program to achieve healthy objectives with daily meal plans, tracking, and community support.

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Mon - Fri classes from 6:30am - 7pm, Sat classes from 8:30am




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